Special Projects

Idinno knows how to handle special projects like no other. We support special projects whose outcome is still unclear or uncertain. Contact us for all your special challenges.

How do we work?

We consult the objectives and ambitions of the special projects in close consultation. Then we make a concrete proposal of our approach, timing and budget.

Lets Talk!

Our services for Special Projects

  • Deregistering the special projects.
  • Prepare feasibility studies of the projects.
  • Analyze possibilities of new technologies.
  • Compiling a project team for the projects.
  • Search for strategic partners
  • Brainstorming and co-creation with stakeholders.
  • Monitoring timing, budget and quality.

Is your SME eligible for a subsidy? Advice and strategic guidance are subsidized via the SME portfolio. Contact us for an informal conversation if your company qualifies.