New Business Development

It is not always obvious for companies to scan new developments or bring them to the market. People are often confronted with too little time and experience to approach current or new customers in a sufficiently consistent way.

How do we work?

Idinno always works tailor-made for the customer. Every question from the customer is different and very often with specific needs and objectives. During an intake interview, we jointly determine the scope of the project and the desired objectives.

Lets Talk!

Our services for new business development

  • Analyzing potential target groups.
  • Detecting the correct communication channels.
  • Identify direct and indirect channels.
  • Organize strategic discussions instead of service development.
  • Developing / refining the customer’s business model.
  • Draw up a plan of approach with associated objectives.
  • Write out scenarios for beta customers and feedback development.
  • Establishing structural and strategic partnerships.
  • Developing one or more price models and price setting.
  • Cooperation with marketing for Go-to-market strategy.
  • Establish communication between business and technology.

Komt uw KMO in aanmerking voor subsidie? 
Advies en strategische begeleiding wordt gesubsideerd via de kmo-portefeuille.
Contacteer ons voor een vrijblijvend gesprek als uw bedrijf in aanmerking komt.