Innovation Consultancy

As an entrepreneur you want to reposition, grow or to differentiate? Are you looking for a new business model to stand out in the market? Then we are your partner to help you work out your innovation process.

How do we work?

As a company we use a personalized approach. We are not looking for quick wins but we want to become your strategic partner in terms of business, innovation and technology. We will initially listen to your needs, expectations and objectives. In this way we can propose a methodology, a plan of approach and price.

Lets Talk!

Our services for innovation consultancy

  • Strategic innovation plan (period 1 to 3 years).
  • Guidance during creativity sessions and brainstorming exercises.
  • Defining and developing innovation projects.
  • Elaborate plan of approach according to critical parameters.
  • Support with collaborations and co-creation.
  • Communication innovation plan to the Board of Directors and / or organization.
  • Drawing up a vision book and visualizing innovation projects.
  • Support with integrated cooperation (business, innovation and technology).
  • Inspiration sessions of trends and new technologies.
  • Drawing up a business model canvas for your company.
  • Workshops on repositioning and growth.
  • Positioning exercise marketing product matrix

Is your SME eligible for a subsidy?  Advice and strategic guidance are subsidized via the SME portfolio. Contact us for an informal conversation if your company qualifies.